The guide to let you know how to cosplay Star Wars Mandalorian

Mandalorians have long existed in the Star Wars franchise. They live on the planet called Mandalore and we’re developed by George Lucas. These creatures were first conceptualized as an armored group of “Supercommandos” in The Empire Strikes Back movie. But the idea was further developed to create the character named Boba Fett, who was an alone bounty hunter.

It was the popularity of Boba Fett that made it possible to develop the Mandalorians further. In the Clone Wars tv series, it was established that the Mandalorians are humans with a warrior tradition and belong to Mandalore and other nearby worlds. Recently their lore and other aspects have been further developed in the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. Before you cosplay as Mandalorian, it’s time to know more about these people.

Mandalorian Season 2

Why cosplay Mandalorian

Mandalorians are warriors. These people have a strong back story and culture which has been extensively developed throughout the Star Wars franchise. Attack of the Clones first introduced viewers to Jango Fett. He wore Mandalorian armor and was said to be the genetic plate for Boba. From then on, Star Wars Rebels introduced Sabine Wren, who belonged to House Vizsla and was a Mandalorian. So both male and female Mandalorian warriors exist.

The Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated, and Expanded of 2015 stated that this race was seen as warriors who later on became bounty hunters and mercenaries. In the recent Disney+ series, they were shown to have gotten rid of the Mythosaurs who was a legendary beast remembered using a skull image. This image acts as its emblem. This warrior clan colonized Concord Dawn, Krownest, and other worlds too.

The Mandalorians are also Jedi’s and have sided with them in the past, even though they did focus on creating gadgets to counter the Jedi abilities later on as animosity grew between them. The first Mandalorians Jedi was Tarre Vizsla. He created the Darksaber to unite Mandalore. The Disney+ series follows a single bounty hunter in his quest to reach The Old Republic and is set before The Force Awakens. So cosplaying them means that you will be tapping into and representing such a varied and badass history.

Mandalorian Costumes Simple Edition

Mandalorian costume

Mandalorians have a very strong warrior culture and such their costume represents their history. The very first armor was organic and ancient. It was made up of animal skins and metal looking parts. This was earlier crusader armor and it had spikes and jagged edges with horns. Overall it gave off a very beast-like and powerful appearance.

Later on, as their membership ranks got filled with outside species, the armor incorporated those technologies. This armor has better protection and worked as pressure suits which could help the warrior right in high altitudes.

Next came the Neo Crusader armor, which was uniform in appearance and has colour in it to distinguish between ranks. Blue meant basic troops, silver meant Veterans and Red meant Rally Masters. This armor had stealth-field generators and offered better protection.

Mandalorian Cosplay Costumes By Simcosplay
Mandalorian Cosplay Costumes By Simcosplay

The new Supercommando armors are had a large chest-plates and come with bicep and abdomen plates too. Helmets during this time have a very rounded shape. This armor style has shin, thigh, and boot armor as well. Know that this is the style that is worn in the Disney+ The Mandalorian series.

Cosplaying Mandalorian

While you can cosplay the previous star wars cosplay costumes which hark back to the warrior tradition, but when most people hear about Mandalorian armor, they want to cosplay the one which is worn in the Disney+ series.

As you might have noticed the armor worn in The Mandalorian is very complicated and will take a lot of time to make. As such, it will be better and time saving for you if you just buy the whole costume online. Many might think that making the costume at home will be cheap instead of buying it. But if you want to make a great costume then the cost of making one will exceed whatever you will have to pay to get a whole one. Know that these are the major parts of The Mandalorian costume that you need to get:

  • Rounded helmet with T-visor
  • Chest plate
  • Bicep guard and gauntlets
  • Abdomen guard
  • Shinguard
  • Foot guard
  • Boots
  • Belt

Take a look at a picture online to see the kind of costume you want to order. Just search “The Mandalorian costume armor” and a lot of pictures which you can use as a reference while orders will pop up. So order up and have fun at a con.